Potagerie Linen Cushion Cover


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Potagerie Linen Cushion Cover

Potagerie Linen Cushion Cover inspired by her remarkable discoveries of vintage wallpapers hidden in the attic, Angel embarked on a creative journey to leave her unique mark on the Chateau’s rich history.

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Pack Size Each
Size 43x43cm
Colour Linen
Brand The Chateau
Product Cushion Cover
Collection Potagerie

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Scatter cushions, or decorative cushions, are versatile accessories commonly used in interior design to enhance the  comfort of a space.

Cushions exist as decorative elements that add colour and pattern to a room. Consequently, cushions can be used to complement or contrast with the existing colour scheme. Hence providing an easy and cost-effective way to update the look of your room.

Scatter cushions allow for the introduction of various textures and patterns into a room. Mixing different fabrics, prints, and designs can create visual interest and break up monotony in a space.

Beyond their visual appeal, scatter cushions also contribute to the comfort and coziness of seating areas. Placing a few well-chosen cushions on a sofa, chair, or bed can make these spaces more inviting and enjoyable.

You can change cushions in lighter, brighter colours for spring and summer, and choose warmer and richer tones in the fall and winter.

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Cream, Green

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