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Wallpaper Museum Wallpaper

Chateau de la Motte Husson is full of hidden treasures. When we first became custodians of our new home, Dick Strawbridge (my husband) and I knew we were in for a lifetime of family treasure hunting.

On my first official visit to our attic I was rooting around, with our daughter Dorothy on my hip and I opened the doors to a 15 feet tall armoire. I was holding my breath with excitement and was delighted to discover roll upon roll of the most beautiful wallpaper offcuts from the designs that had adorned the walls of the Chateau since its birth.

I wanted to celebrate this and share the joys of the colours and designs, so that its history lives on in many people’s memories. A piece of each of the wallpapers now resides in our very own Wallpaper Museum cut into an elegant diamond and braided with love.

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Pack Size Roll
Size 53cm x 10.05m
Colour Multi-Coloured
Brand The Chateau
Product Wallpaper
Collection Wallpaper Museum

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Bronze, Gold, Orange

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