2″ Pencil Pleat Tape


2″ curtain tape for making pencil pleat curtains

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2″ Pencil Pleat Tape

2″ pencil pleat tape with 3 rows of corded pockets on both sides.

Pencil pleat curtain tape is a type of fabric tape designed to create evenly spaced, tightly gathered folds, resembling a row of pencils standing closely together. It is commonly used in curtains and draperies to achieve a classic and traditional window treatment style. The tape is sewn onto the top edge of the curtain fabric, allowing for easy adjustment and customization of the curtain width and fullness.

Supplied in 50m Rolls

Key Features:

  • Variable Fullness – S pleat
  • 2 draw cords
  • 2 corded pocket rows
  • Reversible tape with pockets on both sides
Width 50mm
Fullness Variable
Composition 55% Polypropylene 45% Polyester
Construction Corded pocket
Colour White

Need to see how to https://wereinstitches.co.uk/step-8-of-our-curtain-making-guide-adding-curtain-tape/

Rather have woven pocket tape https://mj-interiors.co.uk/product/3-woven-pocket-curtain-tape/


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