Blind Fabric Stiffener


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Blind Fabric Stiffener

Blind Fabric Stiffener is a non-toxic water based solution which is ideal for use on blinds and fabrics. Note: not for use on heavy synthetic fabrics, treated fabrics of upholstery type materials.

Fabric stiffener is a material that can be used to add strength and shape to fabrics. It is commonly used in roller blind making to prevent wrinkling and fraying of the fabric. The stiffener is applied to the fabric using a brush or spray, and it can be diluted with water to adjust the strength of the stiffening effect.

Jones Fabric Stiffener is a popular brand of fabric stiffener that is safe and non-toxic to use. It can be used on most fabrics, but it is not suitable for dry cleaning. The product comes in a 500ml bottle and can be purchased online.

Sold in 500ml bottles

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Fabric stiffener is effective on lampshades as well. In fact, it is a popular method for stiffening fabric lampshades. Enabling you to use the same technique as you do when working with roller blinds. Simply apply the stiffener to the fabric using a brush or spray, and let it dry completely.

It’s worth noting that if you’re working with a fabric shade that already has a stiffening agent included, adding another layer of stiffener might make your shade too stiff. In that case, you might want to consider inserting a wireframe into the shade to help reinforce its structure

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