Blind or Light Connectors


Cord connectors for joining cord


Blind or Light Connectors

Blind or Light Connectors can be used to join more than one cord to a single cord on blinds, in addition you can also join 2 pieces of cord on a light pull.
These cord connectors add a little extra finishing touch to your new cord or light pull. If your cord connector has been damaged or broken these are a brilliant replacement. Furthermore, you can chose from a range of finishes enabling, you to match to your cord pulls or cleat hooks.
The connectors are made of metal and all you need to do is unscrew the middle.  Thread the cords through one half and knot, take your new piece of cord or single piece and thread this through the other half and knot, next you need to screw the two pieces together.  Henceforth, 0nce you have connected the acorn you are secure and ready for use.

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Size 20mm x 14mm

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Use your Blind cord connectors on window Blinds, where several cords from the blind can provide a hazard if left unsecured for children.  Enabling you to attach 3 cords to 1 cord, consequently taking away the hazard which could otherwise occur.


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Brass, Chrome, Satin Chrome, White


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