Florentine Large Key Tassels


Suitable for curtains, cushions, roman blinds, light domestic upholstery and all craft projects.


Florentine Large Key Tassels

Florentine Large Key Tassels, is a small delicate cushion tassel for decorative embellishment available in a myriad of mixed colours for use on cushion corners, pelmets and more.

Therefore, you can use these decorative tassels on to keys and furniture to add a touch of elegance. You will find them used widely in most interior settings.

Sold in Singles

Loop 120mm

Tassel 110mm

Diameter 40mm

Wash care information Wipe clean

Key Tassels

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You will find them made from silky or decorative cords, which are looped and knotted to create a tassel shape. Key tassels come in multiple colours, or be embellished with beads or crystals.

Additionally, many people attached the tassels to keys, making it easier to identify specific keys. By adding a unique tassel to each key, meaning you can quickly distinguish between different locks, improving efficiency and convenience.

Many tassels often have a loop or an attachment cord at the top, allowing them to be easily or attached to keys, drapery tiebacks, furniture handles, or decorative boxes. They are easy to fit by slipping the loop over the item to attach.

Therefore, tassels are excellent for incorporating decorative elements such as ornamental beads, or silk threads. Furthermore you can use these embellishments enhance the tassel’s overall appearance, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the décor.

You can use these versatile and decorative accents in various ways. With this in mind you can also attach to keys, cushions or cabinet handles, transforming items into stylish and eye-catching décor pieces.

Furthermore, their intricate designs and colours, providing a luxurious finish to your room.

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Beige, Bronze, Duck Egg, Gold, Jewel, Lavender, Pink, Sky Blue, Terracotta, Wine

Color Group

Blue, Gold/Yellow, Green, Neutral, Purple/Pink, Red/Orange


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