LA Arwen Pom Fringe


Suitable for curtains, cushions, roman blinds, upholstery and all craft projects.

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LA Arwen Pom Fringe

LA Arwen Pom Fringe curtain trimmings, also known as curtain accessories or embellishments, are decorative elements that are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of curtains or draperies. These trimmings are available in various designs, allowing homeowners to customize and add a personal touch to their window treatments.

A highly flexible scroll gimp that’s ideal for adding interest to upholstery, cushions, blinds and lampshades.

Initially, this gimp was designed as a chair braid for dining chairs, hence the need for flexibility on tight corners. It’s still manufactured the traditional way, using a 100-year-old jacquard machine and is the only braid of its kind still in production.

Sold by the metre

Braid Depth: 15mm

Braid Depth With Pom: 30mm

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The primary purpose of curtain trimmings is to decorate and ornament curtains. They can add a touch of elegance, sophistication, or whimsy, depending on the chosen trimming style.

In formal or traditional settings, elaborate trimmings such as tassels or bullion fringe can contribute to a more formal and luxurious appearance. In contrast, simpler trimmings may be chosen for more casual or contemporary settings.

Trimmings can be strategically used to cover seams or stitching lines in curtains. This not only adds a decorative element but also provides a seamless and polished look to the window treatment.

When using curtain trimmings, it’s essential to consider the overall design scheme of the room and the type of curtains being used. Additionally, care should be taken to ensure that the trimmings are securely attached and complement the fabric of the curtains.

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Apricot Sage, Berry Red, Dove Grey, Lavender Grey, Midnight, Natural, Spring Occassion

Color Group

Black/Grey, Blue, Brown, Neutral, Purple/Pink, Red/Orange


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