Plastic Rings


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Plastic Rings

Plastic rings 13mm total ring size, can be used for many things, but designed for use on Roman Blinds.

They are often used as attachment points for lift cords in Roman blinds. These cords are used to raise and lower the blinds, and the rings provide a smooth surface for the cords to pass through.

The rings contribute to the smooth operation of the Roman blinds. As the blind is raised or lowered, the rings help distribute the weight evenly, preventing the blind from getting stuck or unevenly folding.

Sold in packs of  50

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The rings are chosen for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They are less likely to corrode or break over time compared to metal alternatives, making them a practical choice for a long-lasting window treatment.

The plastic material used in the rings helps reduce friction between the cords and the rings. This ensures a smoother and quieter operation when adjusting the blinds, enhancing the overall user experience.

They are lightweight, which contributes to the overall lightness of the Roman blinds. This is particularly beneficial for larger blinds, reducing the strain on the lifting mechanism making the blinds easier to operate.

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