Shanklin Jute Curtain Tiebacks


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Shanklin Jute Curtain Tiebacks

Shanklin Jute Curtain Tiebacks are a quirky knotted rope tieback, made from 100% cotton.

The linked design allows them to be adjusted to your desired length and you can even join two for extra wide single draw curtains.

Shanklin Rope Curtain Tiebacks are functional accessories used to enhance the appearance of curtains and draperies.  They add a touch of style to window treatments while also keeping the curtains pulled to the sides, allowing natural light to fill the room.

Sold in pairs

Composition 100% Cotton

Diameter 8mm

Embrace 850mm

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Shanklin Rope Curtain Tiebacks add a touch of  a coastal feel and charm to any space. Hence, these tiebacks are available in two natural colours and are made from natural products.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, tiebacks also offer practical benefits. As a result by securing the curtains away from the window, they provide a view of the outdoors while allowing privacy when needed. All in all these tiebacks can be easily adjusted to control the amount of light coming into a room.

Additionally, tiebacks play a role in creating a sense of symmetry and balance in a room. When carefully chosen and positioned, they can visually enhance the height of windows and add a feeling of grandeur to the overall interior design.

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