DIY roller blinds

DIY roller blinds

DIY roller blinds, have you bought off-the-shelve roller blinds that extend beyond the width of your window? Find out here how to cut roller blinds down to size.

Measure the width of the window that you wish the blind to fit.

Unpack and assemble your roller blind including brackets into each end and measure the total width.

Minus the window width from the blind/bracket width, the difference is the amount to be cut from the roller, plus an extra 5mm from the blind.

Unroll the blind on a flat surface and remove the bottom bar, with a ruler and a pencil, mark on the blind the amount to be cut off and draw a cutting line.

Example, blind width with brackets 122cm, minus window width 115cm, the difference is 7cm plus the 5mm from the blind, so cut off 7.5 cm. Then cut 7cm from the roller.

Once you have marked your measurements and marked the side of the blind, cut the blind. Once you reach the roller, peel the blind back and then cut to the end.

Next, cut the roller using a hacksaw, then cut the bottom bar and slot it back into the blind.

Once you have placed the guides back into both sides of the blind you are ready to fit.

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