DIY Valances and Pelmets

DIY Valances and Pelmets

DIY Valances and Pelmets, to work out the length for Valances measure the length of the valance track and returns and multiply by the same formula as used above for working curtain fabric out.  Apply the fullness to your pelmet measurement and divide by the fabric width to get the number of widths, ensuring to  take into consideration on patterned fabrics how the pattern is going to sit on the valance. Work out the drop of the valance and multiply by the number of widths to get fabric quantity.


Measure the length of the board, including returns. If using more than one width of fabric place the seams either side of the centre width. So if two widths are to be used, cut one width in half and join both sides of the complete width. Then centralise to the middle of the board. Remember again with pattern fabric the positioning of the pattern on the pelmet.

To give a slight padded look to a flat pelmet, use wadding or interlining, under the fabric. This gives a much nicer feel and look.

Pelmets and Valances are not just there to look nice and complete a window dressing. Sometimes they are essential in hiding unsightly tops of windows or tracks.

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