28mm Metal Pole Joiner


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28mm Metal Pole Joiner

28mm Metal Pole Joiner will fit most 28mm curtain poles, so can be used with any finish of pole.

Metal curtain pole joiners are components designed to connect two separate poles, allowing for the extension of the overall length of the pole. These joiners achieve a seamless and continuous appearance for curtain poles. Especially in situations where longer poles are required to span larger windows or spaces.

Metal curtain poles are essential components in window treatments, providing both functional support for curtains and an aesthetic element to enhance the overall décor of a room. Here is a detailed description of metal curtain poles:

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We also sell 35mm joiners https://mj-interiors.co.uk/product/35mm-metal-pole-joiner/

The use of joiners ensures a uniform and cohesive appearance for the curtain pole. When installed correctly, the joiner creates a smooth transition between the connected segments, maintaining the overall aesthetic integrity of the window treatment.

Curtain pole joiners are designed to be compatible with various pole styles and diameters. This universality allows users to mix and match different pole components while still achieving a seamless connection.

Joiners are made from the same material as the curtain pole, ensuring a consistent look. Whether the pole is made of stainless steel or another metal, the joiner will share the same material.

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