Wooden Curtain Draw Pulls


Draw rods protect your curtain fabric by avoiding the need to touch your curtains


Wooden Curtain Draw Rods

Wooden Curtain Draw Pulls are sleek 75cm draw rods are available in stylish wood colours to match your pole accessories. The draw rods simply clip onto the first ring of your curtains and guide your curtains across the pole without any downward force, making them great for use with passing rings and brackets. When not in use they sit discreetly behind your curtain.

Draw rods also protect your curtain fabric by avoiding the need to touch your curtains, keeping them looking new for longer.  The 75cm length also extends your arms reach, which is handy if you have furniture items in front of your window.

Sold in pairs

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Material Wood
Pack Size Sold in pairs
Diameter 10mm
Length 750mm

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Wooden Curtain Draw Pulls, also known as curtain wands, are handy accessories designed to make it easier to open and close curtains, especially in situations where the curtains are difficult to reach manually.

Unlike traditional corded curtain systems, draw rods offer a cordless operation. This can be safer, especially in homes with children or pets, as there are no loose cords that pose a potential safety hazard.

Draw rods may come in different lengths to accommodate various window heights.

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Pine, Teak, Walnut, White


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