3″ Woven Pocket Tape


3″ woven pocket curtain tape for making pencil pleat curtains

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3″ Woven Pocket Tape

3″ Woven Pocket Tape everyday workroom tape at a great price; featuring woven pockets, lines are placed top and bottom enabling you to sew straight lines.

The superior woven pockets provide extra support which is ideal for heavier curtains. The three woven pockets on this tape enables you to adjust the width of your curtains when fitting with easy-gather drawcords forming neat pencil pleats with minimal effort.

  • 3:1 Fullness
  • 3 Drawcords
  • 3 Woven pockets
  • 50m Roll
Pack Size 50m
Width 75mm
Fullness 03:01
Composition 63% Polypropylene 37% Polyester
Construction Woven pocket
Colour White
Makeup 50m

Corded is our other 3″ curtain tape, take a look https://mj-interiors.co.uk/product/3-pencil-pleat-tape/

I use this tape to create evenly spaced, tightly gathered folds, resembling a row of pencils standing closely together. Hence, it is ideal for curtains, ensuring you can achieve a classic and traditional window treatment style. The tape is sewn onto the top edge of the curtain fabric, allowing for easy adjustment of the curtain width and fullness.

Curtain tape is an essential component for making curtains, albeit allowing for precise pleating and ensuring your curtain’s fullness. Consequently its versatility and ease of use make it a popular choice for achieving various curtain styles.

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