Buckram Heading Stiffener


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Buckram Heading Stiffener

Buckram Heading Stiffener is designed for you to make Handmade Curtain Headings for your made to measure curtains.

The buckram is non fusible and pliable enabling you to make your pleats, such as pinch pleats and goblet pleats.

12.5 cm wide

Sold in multiples of 10m.

Buckram is a stiff, woven fabric used as an interlining in curtain headings to provide structure and support.  You can sew into the top of curtains to help create a firm edge. This makes it easier to form pleats and ensures that the pleats hold their shape over time, even with the weight of the fabric.

The stiffness of buckram aids in creating neat, uniform pleats such as pinch pleats, goblet pleats, and box pleats. It acts as a guide, ensuring that the pleats are evenly spaced and consistent in size.

By reinforcing the top edge of the curtains, buckram increases the overall durability. This reinforcement helps the curtains withstand regular handling, such as opening and closing, without losing their shape or drooping.

Curtains with buckram in the heading often have a more professional and polished appearance. The added structure prevents sagging and maintains a crisp, tailored look.

The stiffened heading makes it easier to attach curtain hooks or rings securely. The hooks or rings stay in place, ensuring that the curtains hang evenly.

Browse our pin hooks for use with the buckram https://mj-interiors.co.uk/product/pin-curtain-hooks/

Hence, when using buckram in curtain headings, the fabric is cut to the desired width of the curtain and sewn into the top hem. This enables you to  pleat your curtains as required. The buckram provides the necessary support to keep the pleats in place. This process ensures that the curtains maintain their intended design and functionality.


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