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,Deluxe End Stops

Swish End Stops are designed for specific swish tracks.

End stops are designed to effectively cap the ends of curtain tracks, actively preventing the curtain gliders from sliding off the track.

One of the primary functions of curtain track end stops is to secure the curtains in place. By capping the ends of the curtain track, they prevent the curtain carriers from accidentally sliding off the track. This ensures that the curtains remain properly positioned to be effective, otherwise the curtains will fall off the track when pulled back.

These End stops will only fit the Swish Deluxe curtain track

Sold in packs of 2

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The end stops are opposites for each side of the track.

Contemporary end stops are easy to fit, allowing you to attach them with just a screwdriver.

In addition to their functional role, they also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the window. They provide a finished and polished look to the curtain track system by neatly closing off the ends.

However, to ensure a proper fit it’s important to choose the correct ends stops for your curtain track.

In summary, end stops are important, therefore contribute to the use and safety of curtain track systems. Accordingly, they play a crucial role in securing curtains thereupon preventing damage.

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