Swish Curtain Track Joiner


For Deluxe, Supreme, Superluxe and Sologlyde Tracks

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Swish Curtain Track Joiner

Swish curtain track joiner are used to connect two separate sections of a curtain track, thus creating a continuous track. These joiners play an important role in extending the length of curtain tracks, accommodating larger window spans, and ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted movement of curtains.

These Joiners will only fit the Swish Deluxe, Supreme, Superluxe and Sologlyde curtain tracks. They are designed to join a curtain track, but gliders will not pull over them.

The primary purpose of curtain track joiners is to extend the length of the curtain track. When a standard-length curtain track is not sufficient to cover the width of a window or an opening, joiners are used. This is common in larger windows or sliding glass doors where a single track may not provide adequate coverage.

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It’s crucial to choose curtain track joiners that are compatible with the specific brand and model of curtain track you are using. This ensures a proper fit and optimal performance. Accordingly joiners are often designed by the same manufacturer to work seamlessly with their curtain track systems.

In summary, curtain track joiners are essential components that enable the joining of curtain tracks. Furthermore, they offer ease of installation, and strength, making them a valuable accessory in the customization your curtain track systems.


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