Fabric Covered Curtain Weights


ideal for weighting hems of curtains


Fabric Covered Curtain Weights

Fabric covered Curtain Weights – lead corner weights perfect for keeping your curtains hanging perfectly. Each weight is fabric covered to stop colour transfer and has a flange so its easier to sew in.

Curtain weights are small, heavy objects or inserts that are sewn into the hems or corners of curtains. These weights serve several practical purposes, enhancing the functionality and appearance of curtains.

Curtains, especially lightweight fabrics or those placed near open windows, can be prone to flaring or swinging due to drafts or air circulation. Curtain weights add extra mass to the bottom of the curtains, helping them hang straight and preventing them from billowing, fluttering, or swinging when there is a breeze. This is particularly important for maintaining privacy and reducing light penetration.

Material Lead

Colour White

Pack Size 10, 20 and 50

Size 38mm x 32mm

Wash care information Can be washed or dry cleaned

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Curtain weights come in various forms, such as small lead weights or fabric-covered weights, you can easily sew into the hem or corners of curtains. They are discreet and do not interfere significantly with the curtain’s appearance. Therefore, curtain weights are valuable accessories that enhance, appearance, and longevity of curtains, ensuring they look elegant.

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