Integra Curved Overlap Arms


For Regular and Double Duty Curved Tracks

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Integra Curved Overlap Arms

Integra curved overlap arms are designed to be used with the Integra Double Duty and premier curtain tracks.  Hence they are used with master slides to form an overlap set on Integra corded tracks.

Therefore contemporary corded curtain tracks are able to function with replacement overlap arms.

These overlap arms are a genuine Integra part that includes a metal overlap arm, metal underlap arm, and 2 carrier blocks. They actively fit the corded double duty and regular curtain tracks. Additionally, a reversible overlap and underlap arms for extra light control and privacy.

Integra Overlap Arms are able to function only with specific tracks.

Overlap Set are suitable for Double Duty and Regular Curved Tracks

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05013 part number

Corded tracks have overlap arms which ensure the curtains meet in the centre, ensuring that there are no  unsightly gaps. The corded system is able to work with the overlap arm, ensuring the rest of the gliders are free to effectively move within the same channel.

Furthermore overlap arms are essential if you have a corded track to enable the curtains to pull, therefore give a continual look to your curtain heading, by overlapping in the centre of the window.

Some systems offer adjustability to customize the amount of overlap between curtains based on your the specific requirements of the window.


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