Metal Brass Curtain Hooks


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Metal Brass Curtain Hooks

Metal Brass curtain hooks for using with curtain tape on curtain tracks with gliders and curtain poles

These hooks are integral to attach curtains to rods or tracks.

You can easily insert them into the header tape of the curtain, which is a strip of fabric that runs along the top edge of the curtain and has small pockets for the hooks. Alternatively, metal hooks can be clipped onto the top edge of the panel, or onto gliders or rings that slide along the rod or track.

The hooks are designed to hold the weight of the panel and allow it to hang neatly and evenly. Consequently, they are easy to move the position of the hooks in the curtain tape. Metal curtain hooks come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the type and style of the curtain.

Sold in packs of  50, 100

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All things considered the benefits to you of these hooks are that you can pinched the loops together to stop the hooks jumping out of the gliders.

However, it is best to sew your curtain tape to the top of the curtain. Hence, gives you the ability to alter the length in a functional way.

Curtain hooks are versatile and have multiple purposes. We believe they facilitate hanging and adjusting curtains which contribute to the elegance of your window dressing.

Alternatively, these hooks are suitable for other uses within your home or commercial property.

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