Vivian 28mm Curtain Poles


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Vivian 28mm Curtain Poles

Vivian 28mm Curtain Poles are an elegant Laura Ashley pole kit with striking solid glass finials.

This 28mm metal pole features adjustable brackets, which is ideal for uneven walls and gives extra clearance for radiators etc. Additionally these poles feature lined rings for smooth and silent operation.

Furthermore, these pole kits are supplied complete; with components and fixings.  The comprehensive fitting Instructions, therefore make fitting easy. With 1 curtain ring every 10cm this pole is ideal for all headings or remove the rings and use with 40mm eyelet curtains.

Please Note: length of pole kit excludes finials.

Sold in Singles

Can be used for Eyelet, Pinch Pleat, Pencil Pleat and Tab Headed Curtains.

Material 95% steel, 5% glass
Pack Size 1
Finial Length 80mm
Bracket Projection Extendable from 130mm to 170mm
Backplate diameter 50mm
Brand Laura Ashley
Product Poles
Pole Diameter 28mm

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The primary material is metal, which can include various types such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass, or iron. The choice of metal affects the pole’s durability, weight, and appearance.

Metal curtain poles come in a variety of styles to suit different interior designs. Common styles include contemporary, traditional, and modern.

Curtain poles come in various diameters, catering to different curtain weights and styles. Choosing larger diameters for heavier curtains, whilst smaller diameters may be used for lighter fabrics and sheers.

These curtain poles enable you to hang pencil pleat and pinch pleat headings, likewise both Eyelet and Headed Curtains. Moreover whichever heading you chose will be complimented by the pole.

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Antique Brass, Chrome


180cm, 240cm, 360cm


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