50grm Lead weight Tape


ideal for weighting hems of curtains

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50grm Lead weight Tape

50grm Lead weight Tape is designed to add stability to the bottom hem of curtains. It is an effective small, weighted chain that is enclosed within a fabric casing. The primary purpose of a curtain chain weight is to ensure that the curtains hang straight and maintain a smooth and even appearance.

A weighted tape with small lead pellets held in place in a white sleeve, perfect for running through the bottom of hems. This weight is ideal for medium weight curtains with a 6mm diameter.

Wash care information Can be washed or dry cleaned

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The chain weight is made of lead, consequently providing enough weight to keep the curtains hanging straight. These weights are more effective when evenly distributed along the length of the curtains.

One of the main functions of the chain weight is to prevent curtains from flaring out or floating away from the window. Accordingly, adding extra weight to the lower edge, the curtains are able to hang straight, enhancing their visual appeal.

These curtain chain weights are very effective on lightweight sheer curtains. Additionally, they are particularly useful for longer curtains where breezes might affect the curtains.


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