Flame Guard Treatment Spray



Flame Guard Treatment Spray

Flame Guard Treatment Spray helps stop fire before it starts with British Standards approved fire prevention for drapes, curtains, and fabrics for scatter cushions.

Sold in 1ltr and 5ltr

About your FR Spray

Available in a handy 1L spray bottle and 5L bottles, Flame-Guard is chemically neutral and odourless if allowed to dry naturally and will not cause shrinkage, nor affect the properties or appearance of the fabric in any way.

The effectiveness is not affected by dry cleaning, natural wear or exposure to sunlight. However, if the fabric is wetted in any way it must be re-treated.



The treatment is  NOT suitable for leather/PVC coverings, stain-resistant fabrics, or fabrics that require regular washing. It will also not be ideal for use on man-made fabrics that repel water, finally for the treatment to be effective it must be well-absorbed into the material.

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1 litre will treat approximately 6 square metres of fabric. Fabrics treated with Flame Retardant treatment have been tested and approved to the latest BS 5867-2: Type: 2008 specification for curtains and drapes.

Once treated and dried if the fabric is washed or gets wet in any way.  Therefore it is essential to re-treat the material to meet flammability requirements.

Note: Always test spray a sample of the fabric first before treating.

Unsure of the flame retardant laws, please visit https://www.firesafe.org.uk/

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