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Track Spacers

Track Spacers play a crucial role in the proper installation of curtain tracks, and their use offers several benefits.

Used to create additional curtain heading clearance when top fixing a curtain track. Add one or two spacers to track bracket screws to create space between the tracks and the pelmet for angle brackets. White Plastic.

Spacers help maintain consistent and uniform gaps between the curtain track and the wall. This ensures that the curtains or drapes hang evenly across the window without bunching up or snagging on the sides.

Installing spacers ensures that the curtain track is mounted at the correct distance from the wall. This helps in the smooth operation of the curtains, allowing them to glide effortlessly along the track without any hindrance.

Sold in packs of 20

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Track Spacer 20mm (Diam) x 10mm (Deep)

By creating space between the curtain track and the wall, they help prevent any damage to the wall surface. This is particularly important when using heavy or long curtains, as they can put pressure on the wall if the track is too close.

Spacers provide adequate ventilation and clearance for the curtains. This is especially beneficial for curtains with thermal or blackout linings, as it allows air circulation and prevents the curtains from getting trapped against the window, maximizing their functionality.

Spacers allow for flexibility in mounting curtain tracks, especially when dealing with uneven or irregular surfaces. They help compensate for variations in the wall or window frame, ensuring a level and secure installation.


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