Silicon Spray

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Silicon Spray

Silicon Spray is manufactured by Jones Interiors to lubricate your curtain tracks.

A  versatile lubricant perfect for enhancing the performance of various tracks and curtain poles, particularly those utilising gliders, as well as numerous other applications. Suitable for use on both new and existing installations.

Sold in 500ml tins

To apply silicone spray, it’s recommended to spray it onto a clean cloth. Then, run the cloth along the top of the curtain pole or over all surfaces of the curtain track.

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The primary purpose of using silicone spray on curtain tracks and poles is to improve the glide. It ensures that curtains move smoothly along the track or pole without any sticking or friction.

Apply the silicone spray to the entire length of the curtain track, including any gliders or rollers.

Run the cloth with silicone spray along the top surface of the curtain pole.

Silicone spray is suitable for both newly installed curtain tracks and poles as well as existing ones.

It helps maintain the ease of movement even after prolonged use.  Always ventilate the room first.

Remember, silicone spray is specifically designed to enhance the functionality of curtain tracks and poles, making it easier to open and close your curtains.

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